The 3 Pillars of Sustainability

1. We will use 100% recycled grey board for all of our projects.

2. We will use FSC materials as standard for all of our projects.

3. We are committed to using Soy ink for 4 colour inks in all of our projects.

We are looking at the complete lifecycle of the product. We use the most sustainable materials available and ensure, through our paper engineering skills, that we maintain the recyclability of the paper.
We are making a sustainable product and making it simple for the consumer to recycle at end of life.

In addition, we are committed to following the 3 core messages of reduce, reused and recycle in all of our products:

Using paper engineering/manufacturing design to reduce the size and unnecessary over use of raw material where possible.

Leading the industry with sustainable innovations in mono material

Investing in new techniques and technologies that challenge convention and enhance sustainability

To have a ‘sustainability first’ approach to manufacture and design

To remove the choice for brands and consumers between ‘sustainability’ and ‘cost’. (Beauty Packaging does not need to cost the Earth).